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Our Mission:

Our mission is to mentor anyone who wants to invest or trade their way to financial freedom with Cryptocurrency. Master trading crypto now and learn to trade in a bull or bear crypto market. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain is not only the HOTTEST or trendiest tech revolution, It is a global decentralized movement with new cultural framework for business, recreation and entertainment for all societies across this planet.  This new fintech is raising in popularity FASTER than the real estate and dot com boom put together!

Learn how to day or swing trade or perhaps just be a long term investor, doing your own technical analysis. Finally, quit your boring job and work toward your new career that will allow you to spend quality time with your family and friends.  This is where you take your 1st step, being financially independent and financially FREE!

Choose the life you want, and get serious about it!

This website is not meant to turn all of you into crypto day or swing traders. We understand that it's not for everyone. However, the things you will learn from this website are critical and extremely important if you just want to be a long term investor. As a long term investor who hodl's, learning to trade into the perfect low entry points in each coin or token is critical to your success! As for those that do inspire to be day or swing traders in crypto, then you have found a valuable resource and hit a mini jackpot with my educational website.

Finally, if you decide to end the rat race and finally quit your job and have flexible hours doing what you want, when you want, then, this is where you take your 1st step towards being financially independent and financially FREE!

" Pursue one great decisive aim with force & determination

By: Carl Von Clausewitz

Market Summary:

The cryptocurrency market is volatile and constantly evolving all the time. It fluctuates and nearly every day new ICO's (Initial Coin Offerings)  and cryptocurrencies emerge leaving most projects to eventually wither and die. Currently, there are over 1900 cryptocurrency coins or tokens as of September 2018 to trade or invest in. Few crypto traders/investors are skilled, who actually have a high win loss ratio and others less experienced, poorly trained, or who have no real training at all love dumping their money in the toilets, because they lack the fundamental crypto trading knowledge and risk management tools to succeed. Yes, the cryptocurrency market is defintely unpredictable at times and very volatile in comparision to other more established asset classes like stock or forex trading. Crypto trading and investing has indeed possessed a huge risk to their long term positions without the appropriate technical knowledge. However, on the brighter side of things, this volatility is precisely why I personally love trading cryptocurrencies. It is  because we dash in and out before the market turns on us in general. Nevertheless, whatever your subjective position is regarding crypto, as predicted by experts, cryptocurrency is here to stay and is already making a HUGE significant revolutionary impact in the world of technology and finance.

Institutional investors and developers are starting to invest and setup their own cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. Some are even going beyond blockchain. Banks and governments are also starting to acknowledge the huge potential that cryptocurrency holds.

There are millions and millions of savy tech people around the world buying Bitcoin and over 1900 cryptocurrencies to prepare against the consistent devaluation of fiat currency amongst ALL governments around the world. Recently in Sept of 2018, CCN reported that Germany officially proposed the development of a global financial system outside the control of the US, due to the intesifying conflict between the US, China and Iran.

In Asia especially, the cryptocurrency market is flourishing. More and more companies have come across the effectiveness of blockchain technology and general ledgers that seamlessly transact anything and everything, even real estate now! This shows how blockchain technology is swiftly spreading like cancer and surely taking its place in all types of organizations for its secure and reliable decentralized nodes and networks.

Cryptocurrency is definitely an investment vehicle worth considering. Wallstreet knows that and has multiple ETFs already approved by the SEC. This is a new asset class that is being respected by wallstreet and its fat cats. It is no doubt growing in strong use with acceptance, and potentially one day soon, may emerge as the digital currency of the future, one day, replacing or working along fiat currency.

Finally, please read our disclosure policy at the bottom of our website and remember that we do not give financial advice on this website or any of our other numerous social media sites linked to Crytoholic-Traders. You are responsible for your own technical analysis and solely responsible to perform own due diligence and your own specific risk management when it comes to trading or investing in cryptocurrency.

The material on our website at Cryptoholic-Traders.com is only for "educational" purposes and is not to be construed as financial advice.